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Love it!

Great little game to pass the time with friends :)

My fave game

Its great on the iphone but drawtastic on an ipad.

Love the game but...

I give it 4 stars because the game is really awesome but there are too many crashes and bugs going on when I play. When everything will be fixed Ill give it 5*.




Great app, but it should have more words.


Gosto muito mas minha filha adooora!

Enjoy before it gets boring!!!

I loved in the beginning but got tired with the time...

Love it!!

I just love this app! I have a lot of fun with my friends!!



Draw something

Jogo excelente!!!! Viciante!!!!!


Very enjoyable.

unfair challenge

The idea is nice and it truely is a fun game. But what about the challenges? It says "German" - actually it is English! Probably difficult for some users. Even worse: Many American comic heroes are not very well known in Germany, but pretty often one has to identify strange creatures like Pokemons or other species. Annoying! E.


just had to reboot the game and lost over 2000 coins and all my colors I purchased! wtf?

Okay needs to seed up scenes between

Okay, needs to seed up scenes between drawings!

Too much fun

Buy it and have fun.

My stats.

Id like to see my stats. And have the ability to send messages to the players. And how about things like different brushes, opacity, an undo function, and zoom capability. And what about a peer evaluated gallery where there are top tens for the best drawings. And a way to upload a pic for my profile pic Plenty of work for you guys to make this an awesome app, but yes, this is fun. Hopefully they continue to update.

Awesome game!

Ridiculously addictive! I love this game, even though Im the crappiest artist on the planet.

Its good



Is bes ha,e

Lots of fun keep your mind busy

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